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I decided that I am not much for telling blogging stories.  So you get a short something of why I’m putting the picture in my blog and then just pictures.  Here it goes…

Lets go to the park!  And yes they are digging with shovels and buckets in wood chips.  Parks these days I guess don’t much like sand.  Kyla was trying to teach Reegan her wonderful poses though.  That was really entertaining.


Forth of July was pretty fun this summer.  We went to the parade which was a first for both of the girls.  The fireworks were also a first (sad I know, lets just move past it).

We went on a little walk around the town with the girls after the parade and got to see Kyla pose (which I had never seen before this picture).  She also started dancing to the music that was playing.  I really wish I had my video camera.  The pictures dont do it justice at all.  We went over to see the trains.  Kyla was mad she couldn’t climb on the train.  Reegan was scared to death of the statue guy.  Of coarse being the loving mother I am took a picture of both angry Kyla and scared to death Reegan.  I made her stand right in front of the scary statue guy.


The girls had a lot of firsts this summer I guess because when Gramma and Pops came to visit they took us out to a movie.  The girls had never been to a movie in a theater before.  We saw Madagascar 3 and the girls loved every minute of it.  From the popcorn to the actual movie they had so much fun!

Okay I think this is the biggest post ever but I don’t want to split it up.  This one is good though.  After putting the girls to bed and listening to them play for probably a good two hours we decided to go and tell them to go to bed already.  Well here is what we found…

Kyla had run to her bed to pretend she had never gotten out and leading us to believe Reegan did this all on her own.  Haha.  Kids are crazy!


The End.



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  1. Dayna said,

    on August 7th, 2012 at 5:52 am

    I love the last picture of them hugging. So precious, but my favorite is Reegan in that crib with the toys and cowboy hat. So funny!

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