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| September 2nd, 2015 | → 3 Comments |

I have not done a blog in a while and I have a perfectly good reason why. I tried to post past it as you can see.  I posted about my great news of baby #4 then tried to move right past the horrible event that happened and pretended like nothing happened…well that was not possible so I just stopped all together. I wrote about my beautiful Kinlee (baby #4) but am still not sure if it should be posted or not. So again I am going to skip over it for now. Maybe I will post it at another time. In the mean time I am going to start fresh on our new blog with Blogspot so if you would like to follow still go to penpowells.blogspot.com. Come join our family over there and I will try to not fall off the face of the earth again. See you soon!



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