Happy Birthday Reegan!

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Reegan is 3!  It is really hard to see my kids grow up.  I just want them to stay small forever!!! Hopefully 3 brings good things for Reegan so far lots of fits and no sleep…  We had an early birthday party for her at Grandma and Pops house.  She was so excited for that and they loved being there.  It was fun to see everyone and let the girls play outside all they wanted.  With tons of help and the idea from my mother in law we made her some cute Mini Mouse cupcakes.  It was fun to see how much she liked them.  We also went to Aunt Teresa’s house and got to ride horses, pet a cute bunny and some baby chicks.  The girls love that!  Kyla got to do some running(it was running to her) on the horse.  I don’t think she could be any happier.   Happy Birthday Reegan you are the funniest, sweetest 3 year old I know(with such good manners too)!  We love you!


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We went to see Kinlee and the beautiful flowers Gramma always gives her.  The girls like to visit and clean her headstone. Cute girls.

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