Fun in Flagstaff

| June 20th, 2012 | → 1 Comments |

Thought I would share some pictures of the girls for everyone who doesn’t see them as much as they would like or even for those who want to see them in everyday play.  I am not good with stories so you just get pictures.  Play parks, hikes, nature exploring walks, etc… that is what most of our days consist of these days.  I also threw in a picture of the only way we see Brett these days.  At his desk doing school work.  Oh and just in case you didn’t know I am due Aug. 28th.  We are actually hoping to deliver before that this time.  Usually I don’t care much when the baby comes but Brett has a break from school and goes back on the 27th…pretty lame.


Happy Birthday Brett!

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Brett had his birthday and I just wanted to let him know how much I love him and how much he really means to me.  He is such a great husband and father.  His school is taking up a ton of his time but we did manage to get most of the day with him.  We took the girls on a little nature walk.  The girls love to go explore in the forest and find new things they have never seen before.  It is tons of fun I am glad he took some time off to do that and give himself a break from school even if it set him back a little and he had to make up for it the next day.  We love you B!


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