A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents

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I found this and wanted to share it but more than that these are things I am continually trying to remember things like this and finding this and being able to read it daily will help more than counting on my memory to remember it.  It was written by Dr. Kevin Leman . Reading this just makes me want to do everything to be a better Mom and reminds me of things I should and shouldn’t do.

1. My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make a bed, draw a picture, or throw a ball. My legs are short; please slow down so that I can keep up with you.

2. My eyes have not seen the world as yours have; please let me explore safely: don’t restrict me unnecessarily.

3. Housework will always be there. I’m only little such a short time—please take time to explain things to me about this wonderful world, and do so willingly.

4. My feelings are tender; please be sensitive to my needs; don’t nag me all day long. (You wouldn’t want to be nagged for your inquisitiveness.) Treat me as you would like to be treated.

5. I am a special gift from God; please treasure me as God intended you to do, holding me accountable for my actions, giving me guidelines to live by, and disciplining me in a loving manner.

6. I need your encouragement, but not your praise, to grow. Please go easy on the criticism; remember you can criticize the things I do without criticizing me.

7. Please give me the freedom to make decisions concerning myself. Permit me to fail, so that I can learn from my mistakes. Then someday I’ll be prepared to make the kind of decisions life requires of me.

8. Please don’t do things over for me. Somehow that makes me feel that my efforts didn’t quite measure up to your expectations. I know it’s hard, but please don’t try to compare me with my brother or my sister.

9. Please don’t be afraid to leave for a weekend together.  Kids need vacations from parents, just as parents need vacations from kids. Besides, it’s a great way to show us kids that your marriage is very special.

10. Please take me to Sunday school and church regularly, setting a good example for me to follow. I enjoy learning more about God.

*Feel free to print off and put on your fridge for a daily reminder of how to treat your kiddos!

**A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents, by Dr. Kevin Leman




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Easter was pretty fun.  However Brett was really sick, the girls were sick but luckily in the end of their sicknesses.  We went to a  family party hunting for Easter eggs and playing with cousins and they had a pinata too.  The girls had so much fun.  We really didn’t do anything too special because of all the sickness but the girls still had a ton of fun.  Oh and if you don’t remember the entire picture is not always shown unless you click on it.  I don’t think any of these are too bad but just so you know in case one just doesn’t look quite right.


Just for fun

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I wanted to just post random pictures for those who don’t get to see my kids often.  Also for those who do but maybe not on an everyday basis.  Either way I think you will enjoy some pictures. There are pictures of the girls playing around with the vacuum, Kyla helping Reegan brush her teeth, Kyla’s first day of school, Kyla making a ballerina costume from a Wal*Mart bag (yes a Wal*Mart bag…), Kyla reading her scriptures and so on and so forth…oh yes and the very messy (though the pictures don’t do it any justice) pancake mix mess and the poor sad little picture of what Reegan looked like in time out for the mess.  Both girls made the original mess and got in trouble but Reegan found it best to go back for seconds and top it off.  That’s my Reegan.   Hope you enjoy my very random post.


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