Holliday Season

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Time for picture overload…

We went to the temple this holiday season and had some of my family come down for that. It was nice to see everyone since its been about a year since we have seen them.  Who knows how long it will be until we see them again.  Kyla had a birthday party with everyone and still loves the idea that she is a 4 year old.  We spent a very long time staying at the in-laws for the weekend of our temple stuff to spend as much time as possible- not in the car-  with the family.  We also spent some more time there for Christmas to spend time with everyone while Brett’s sister Chandy and her kids where in town.  We had Christmas time games in the back yard.  Kind of weird still to go outside and play games instead of sledding, snowball fights or something.  Before Christmas bounce house place was super fun.  After Christmas Zoo(thanks Mandy) with everyone was great fun!   Tons of fun!  Enjoy all the pictures! 🙂


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