Happy Birthday Kyla!

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Dec. 5th was our sweet little Kyla’s Birthday!  I still have such a hard time with her getting older.  I remember having such a hard time when she turned 1 and now she is 4.  We had such a good day for her birthday.  Brett didn’t have to work so we spent the entire day together.  We made her a special breakfast(it wasn’t the best but I was not as prepared as I should have been), she kept asking me for things like shoes but she was very specific in that they had to be dark pink or purple.  I think she really likes those colors because that is what everything had to be…dark pink or purple.  I thought it was cute so I tried to make everything those colors.  We made her some colored pancakes, she loves pancakes and really liked that they were colored.  We let her open her presents after breakfast because she could hardly make it any further.  We also gave her some money as a present to let her go shopping for her own shoes.  You gotta start the love for shopping at a young age you know. 😉  The entire day Kyla would say to us, “Mom, do you want to see a 4 year old”…and she would stand there and just pose.  She would also say “Do you want to see how fast a 4 year old is”…and she would take off running down the hall way and back.  “I don’t need to hold your hand Mom(as we cross the street) I am a 4 year old.”  It was so funny!  That went on all day long and even into the next day.  When she woke up it was, “Mom I am still a 4 year old.”   I took some pictures of the girls cause Reegan was actually smiling pretty cute.  It didn’t turn out so well…Reegan was doing well but Kyla looked creepy weird.  I put one of the better ones on here but in most of them they looked like mug shots! Silly girls.


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