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I know there are a few people who want to see my house so these pictures are for you.  It is not a very interesting blog but you asked for it.  Kyla and Reegans room is not finished yet.  Still have some decorations to put up and a bed set thanks so much to Chandy for all the great stuff for the girls room.  Kyla was so excited to be able to decorate her own bathroom with her very own decorations.  I had some fun with my own bathroom.  I decorated my bathroom(mostly just the toilet) very “grandma/girly” like.  I wanted to get some sort of reaction from Brett but I guess he didn’t really care.  It wasn’t anything huge but still wanted some reaction…oh well.  I guess that was wasted humor… 😉  Don’t mind the fact that we have not purchased any decorations for about…um…our entire marriage.  It is just a bunch of random stuff collected over the years.  Also ignore our messy…anything messy you see.  Most of it is better now(I shoved it in the closets…hehe), Enjoy!   Oh and my blog cuts out some of the picture sometimes so if you think its missing something click it to make it the full size.



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