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Hey Reegan…Smile!

What is that…no really say cheese!

Okay now you need to stop messing with me, Mom wants a cute picture of you.

All right now you are just being rude…okay really smile sweetie and show those pretty teeth of yours.

What is that face! AHHH!

Okay…I think we are getting closer.

Maybe not…Well I guess that will have to do 🙂

I don’t think I need anymore proof to why I am working with Reegan on smiling for the camera.  I think she is finally getting the hang of it, after about 50 pictures I get at least one good one.  She loves these glasses and I don’t know why.  She puts them on almost every day.  Too cute!  The smile is getting better…haha maybe just funnier…I don’t know.  Reegan is pretty crazy lately.  She doesn’t ever want to listen to a word I say(and I know she is listening because she is looking straight at my face).  She likes to fake me out though…”Hey Reegan come here,”  she proceeds to give me a look like yeah right Mom but starts to walk toward me then at the last second she turns and runs in the other direction(laughing the whole way).  “Hey Reegan, put that down” that must mean to her grab them all fast and see how many you can pull off the shelf before Mom makes her way over here.  I love her but come on!  She is talking very very well now.  She will say almost anything, she repeats words we say the best she can and uses lots of words throughout the day by herself.  She is also doing sign language very well.  She can pick up a new sign after the first time I show her and she uses them regularly along with her words for that sign.

Kyla loves to color and she is getting so good.  She really doesn’t color outside of the lines which I don’t really care if she does or not but I didn’t expect her to be so good at it so soon.  She loves to draw.  She loves to write letters to people(I need to start sending those to people…haha).  She is doing great learning her letters and numbers.  I wish I knew how to teach and work with her better.  She doesn’t ever want me to help her.  She gets angry and wants to do what she wants to do.  I will just have to get her into school, the teacher can deal with her attitude. 😉  She is such a great big sister to Reegan and sometimes I am not sure if Reegan deserves such a great big sister.  I know when they get a little older they will be the best of friends and will love each other even more than they do now.

The girls have been coloring with chalk out on the balcony and Reegan can’t get out of the phase where she eats everything…no really she eats EVERYTHING!!!  I can’t take it anymore.  Books are missing huge chunks, crayons, chalk, shoes, her diaper rash cream, shampoo…you name it she eats it.  Its driving me insane!  I don’t know how to get her to stop!  So here is a picture of the chalk eating she has been doing.  Huge chunks of chalk too not just licking it or taking small little scrapings off of the chalk, I’m taking big huge bites out of the chalk.  I wish I could say the face she is making is because she thinks its gross but that’s not the case.  She is making those faces at me because I am telling her to spit it out and stop eating that dang chalk.  How good can that be anyways?

This is the only picture I got of Nikki and her kids when they came to visit.  I snapped a few of them playing on this teeter totter thing and then my battery died.  Now usually I have my spare battery with me and ready to replace it but I guess it was packed up in a box in a garage…no I was not frustrated at all.


Home Sweet Home

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We thought that we would let everyone know that we moved…just in case you didn’t know.  We are so thankful that Brett was able to get a job and that we are able to have a place of our own.  We love and are so thankful to Brett’s family for taking us in for so long but it is very nice to have our own place.  It is still a little crazy because boxes are everywhere but we love it all the same.  The girls seem to be doing very well.  Kyla was very homesick when we first moved to Az and would always cry to go home so I was very nervous that she would do the same when we moved in here.  She has done really well and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the change.  She loves her new room and all of her new/old toys.  It is fun to see how excited she gets when she sees a toy that she hasn’t seen for 8 months.  She just gets so excited and tells me a huge story about when she was little and loved to play with that toy.  She does the same with her books, “oh Mom I love this book, when I was little (or when I was a baby) I loved to read this book.”   Pictures coming soon…when there are not so many boxes all over the place.


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