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We got to take some family pictures because this is the only time of the year Brett’s entire family is together in one state.

Just so you know…I did make a face!  He picked the best pictures to give to us and I guess my funny face was too scary for everyone to see 😉  Also notice that the in-laws to the family(Me, Mandy and Mike) are the only normal ones in the family, laughing at everyone else…Hahahaha



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I don’t really have many interesting things to share but I really need to blog more often for those of you who don’t see my family and would maybe like to.  So here it is.

Kyla and Reegan have just about the same size feet.  I am not sure if Reegans are big feet.  I know that Kyla has really small feet but they are the SAME SIZE!  Its crazy to me.  Just some cute pictures of the girls.  Kyla likes to jump rope and wanted to see herself jump roping I thought it looked pretty cool too.

We went to the cannery to can some(a very small amount) of food for the Grandparents.  The small amount was good because the kids just wanted to run around and play instead of sit still and can.  They older kids did well but my girls did not so well.  They got to spend some time with Gramma though and that is always fun.  Everyone got suckers in the end too.

We took the kids to a place to paint things(I don’t remember what it was called).  They had so much fun!

Reegan did not have that much fun.  She did at first but then…

Oh…poor me!

What! Your not falling for this sad face and my crocodile tears! FINE!

We also got to do some slip and slide in the back yard with the cousins.  My girls love the water!

This is just cute!


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