Happy Birthday Brett!

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Today is my sweet hubby’s Birthday!  I wanted to tell him Happy Birthday and that I love him so much!  I found a few pictures of Brett from when he was a baby because I don’t think many of you have seen any.  He is just so darn cute I needed to share.  Also share a few things an pics I had of him.

Brett at 6 months old

Brett at 1 year old

This one is my fav!!! He is 3 years old I believe. So CUTE!!!

He likes to eat entire chicken heads and bugs and the fun stuff I don’t want to ever even look at like goat balls and bone marrow from sheep(or whatever)…

He likes to go as fast as he can down the hills of SLC on Rollerblades

Most important of all he loves to be a Daddy!

And the most wonderful husband and friend anyone could ever ask for… I love you!


Today is also my mother-in-laws birthday, and my brothers birthday.   Happy Birthday Lorrain and Glen!



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