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We went to the park to feed the ducks and found a little surprise.  As the ducks ate the food I saw a tiny little thing in the water.  I took a closer look and saw that it was the head of a turtle.  Kyla thought that was so cool, I thought it was so cool.  So cool that I had to bring Brett with us another day.  I also brought the camera so I could show everyone that I was not in fact “crazy”.  I guess that the ducks, turtles and fish in this lake are very very hungry.  As we were feeding the ducks and now turtles I saw that something from below was taking the food right from under the ducks.  My first thought of coarse is “AH!!! Its some kind of sea creature!”  Maybe its a huge turtle “the big momma or daddy turtle” (this because it was making the water go all crazy; oh and the water is not very clear so I couldn’t see an inch into it) as Kyla would say.  Turns out its just some blue gill.  They were like watching parana feed on something.  They went all crazy for that bread.  Turns out Kyla started feeding something else too….Reegan.  I looked back at Reegan and she was eating some of the bread that was for the ducks.  At least it made her happy.

The last pictures are of Reegans hair when she gets up from nap or gets up in the morning her hair looks all crazy.  It is the funnies thing I just had to take a picture and share it with everyone.  Enjoy!


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