Happy Birthday Reegan

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Our little one turns one today.  Happy Birthday Reegan!  Some fun facts about Reegan.  She is very loud.  Not just normal baby loud, she is piercing your ear drums loud.  Happy or sad…always loud!  She loves to play with her sister but also loves to pull her sisters hair.  She also loves to play alone (which works out because sister loves to play alone as well).  She loves babies and baby dolls.  EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.  She is a good eater, likes just about everything that we give her.  She has 7 ½ teeth.  She is able to walk on her own.  Wants to do everything all by herself…already (I am in big trouble)!  Throws tantrums like kids do at a much older age.  Loves baby dolls and stuffed animals.  She loves to talk (all the time).  She is very sweet and we love her very much.  Two girls=twice the drama, but we love them both very much! 

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