Happy VD!

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    Happy VD everyone!  I thought I would give updates while I’m posting for VD.  Oh and VD is Valentine’s Day…by the way.  It is a joke with Brett and me because one year I made a cake for Valentine’s Day and could not fit the entire thing on the cake so I put VD.  We think it’s pretty funny.  We made some cookies for VD and Kyla was so excited because she got to help make them.  Not much to say about that; the pictures will tell you enough.

 (would be a great picture if Bretts glasses werent all up in my face…haha)

Now for some updates because some sisters say I don’t update my blog enough and I need to more because they don’t see me anymore.  So here it is.  Since we got to Arizona it has been nothing but sickness.  We have lived here for about 5 weeks now.  I would say that at least 4 out of the 5 weeks one member of our family have been sick.  Even with all of the sickness the girls are having the time of their lives going outside everyday for a walk, playing on the swings and in the sandbox.  Kyla was getting so crazy not being able to go outside.  She tells me every day, “thank you Hun (oh yeah, she calls me Hun) for letting me play outside.”  It is so cute and makes us so happy that we can let her run and ride her bike that she got for Christmas.  She loves it too.  The girls are such good sisters.  They love each other so much.  They love to play together; also they love to play without each other.  Haha.  There are some pictures of Christmas.  I know it’s basically Valentine’s Day but oh well.  Kyla was so excited to open her gifts and Reegan loved it more than I thought she would.  She got so excited.  I think it’s because she wanted to eat the paper… either way it was cute.  Here are some Christmas and Kylas Birthday pictures to look at.

 We went for a walk down to the mall on Christmas eve(so Santa could bring our pj’s).  This tree is so huge it is really awesome to see every year.


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