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It was a little late in the summer to do it(well later than I wanted to do it).  Thanks so much Steph for doing them for us.  If you want to see the entire picture you will have to click on it.  It doen’t show the entire thing.


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This is how all kids should swing!  This is the swing at my moms house.  It is pretty cool to swing your kid as high as they can go and see them fly.  It is also a moment you think like a mother and go…man, I really hope this swing doesn’t fail.  My kid will be flying down a mountain.  She has been lining things up lately.  She says that her toys are looking off the patio at the people and we are not to move them. 

I am not sure why the pictures never show the entire thing so if you want to see the picture in full you will have to click on it and make it full screen.   When my mom watched the girls for us one day she and Kyla went and gathered stuff to make birds nests.  They didn’t get a chance to do it at her house so we took it home and finished them.  Kyla liked it.  She may like it more when she is older. 

Kyla wanted to take a picture of her monkey….  One day I let her take some pictures of Reegan and so now she always wants to take pictures.  She loves to try and play “catch it” with Reegan.  Sometimes it works and Reegan will throw the toy and Kyla will laugh and love it so much.  Other times Kyla will end up yelling at Reegan, “Catch it too me Reegan!”  Kyla also loves to read and sing to Reegan.

We went to a park near our house a little while ago.  They have these fun things for kids to ride on.   Kyla absolutly loved it.  Cami and her kids came with us to play.  I was a ton of fun. 


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