Summer Fun!

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These are some of the fun things we did this summer…so far.

Lots of swimming at my moms house. 

A family trip to Seattle.  Brett had a few job interviews there so we decided we could all go and have a fun little vacation.  It was tons of fun.  Lots of playing at the beach.  Tons and tons of different parks in different cities.  Kyla found her first seashell…she was so excited.  Messages in bottles.  I don’t remember what it said so it must have been lame. HAHA.  Bretts birthday dinner.   We got him some sushi, it was just from the local grocery store but everytime we would go to the store we would see the guy making all the sushi fresh everyday.  So we got some for him as a birthday treat.   The octopus made me really really grossed out.  We went on a tiny hike in the forest.  Kyla loves to hike.  The tiny hike was right by a lake so they played in the water a little too.   Poor little Kyla was sick the first few days.  At night we gave her a bowl and told her if she needed to throw up to do so in the bowl.  When I went to check on her I found her sleeping with the bowl on her head.

Lots of holding Reegan, from morning until night.

We went to visit family in Arizona.  Brett go to go hike Havasupi(thats in the grand canyon) with his brother-in-law.  That sign Brett is over says “Desend at own risk, Exersise extreem caution!”  Yeah…don’t think thats where I would want to hike.  Brett learned not to swim so close to a huge waterfall or you might get sucked in.  I think that should be commom sense though. 😉 Love ya babe!

Kyla had so much fun playing with her cousins.  She had a few firsts.  Her first time husking corn, her first parade(Reegans too, but she’s still small), first time crawdad fishing.  The parade was pretty cool and very long.  They had tons of cool stuff but I have way to many pictures to show.


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