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We decided that it would be fun to take Kyla on a hike a while ago.  We got all ready, got Kyla all excited.  Brett found the perfect place that would be beautiful for us and fun for Kyla.  We were just a little worried that we would get a little rain.  Weather man said it might sprinkle a little.  Well after our really long drive up the mountain I realized it was going to be a lot colder than I had planned.  Brett told me it was going to be cold but it was so nice at our house I just thought it was going to be a little colder like just a little higher on the mountain and a little rain cold.  So I didn’t bring a jacket because I was going to carry Reegan and thought I would be just fine.  I was very wrong.  We never actually made it to the place we wanted to hike because Kyla said she had to go potty so we had to stop at some bathrooms(and I wanted to cry!!!) I hate dirty nasty bathrooms where the toilet is basically just a hole in the ground!  And with Kyla’s new “let me do it” “don’t touch me” phase I was afraid she was going to fall into the big hole of nasty!!!  I am getting off the subject now.  When we got up there we realized we where not going to worry so much about a little rain but rather a ton of snow.  We decided to go back and find a hike not so far up in the mountains.  Brett saw a little path off the side of the road on out way down so we stopped to check it out.  This guy that was there said it was a very small hike, perfect for kids.  So we got everything ready, Kyla was so excited to go on a hike.  It was a nice hike with a beautiful waterfall at the top of it.  Kyla probably could have done more.  She just has way too much energy!  It was really good for her though because she got to do her favorite thing….jump.  She loves to jump.  On things, off things, standing still, running and jumping, jumping over things…well I think you get the point.  We ended up having a really great time and hopefully it will stay warm enough that we can go do the one we wanted to do in the first place and we wont need snow shoes!


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