The Girls

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Just thought I would give some updates on the girls.  Kyla is great.  A little too independent sometimes…okay, all of the time.  We love her to death but when will it stop.  Haha.  She is very helpfull with Reegan.  Sometimes it is just too helpfull.  The other day I looked over and Kyla had Reegan up on her shoulder.  I admit, I freaked out a bit.  She said she was just trying to burp her.  How cute and helpfull….just too helpfull. 🙂  She is such a funny girl.  She is always here to keep us entertained.  She loves to read to Reegan.  We love to listen to her read to her too.  Reegan is just so cute we love her so much!  She has started smiling at us a couple of weeks ago so I thought it was about time to try to get a picture of it.  Well just so you know, it doesnt work.  She just stares at the camera.  If I try to get her to look at me and put the camera out of her site this is the picture I get….

 Kyla told me that this was her bandaid…what a silly little one.  She has such a great imagination.

I can tell she is smiling but…come on!  The third one is actually a pretty good one.  Brett also thought it would be funny to give her a taste of pickle the other day.  I was against it but look how funny her face was. Haha



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I wanted to tell my sweet husband Brett congrats!  He graduated this last Saturday with his Master of Public Health.  I am so proud of you!  You have worked really hard and I am so proud of how well you did. I love you!!! OH…and your girls love you too.  It is great to have such a wonderful father for them to look up to.   We Love You!!!

You all need to pay attention to the two cute kids, Kenna and Jackson.  They thought Brett was graduating from BYU so they dressed accordingly.  I am just glad that no one else saw their shirts…it may have caused a riot. HAHA!  Thanks so much for coming everyone.


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