One Month Old!

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Our little tiny Reegan is one month old today!  Our little girl is growing up. 🙂  Just thought i would show some cute pictures. 

DSC_02000143DSC_02330176DSC_02270170DSC_02090152Reegan and Kyla April 2010 013DSC_02380181

We can’t get Kyla to stop holding her. She is such a good helper although sometimes it is just too much help.  She just loves her little sister and always wants to help her and play with her.  She loves playing and sharing her toys with her.  Kyla has also figured out that if she puts her face right on Reegans mouth that she will get tickled.  At first Kyla said “oh no…she bit me!”  Later on she thought it was funny and that it tickled. 

DSC_03170258DSC_03200261DSC_03260267DSC_03350276DSC_03360277Reegan and Kyla April 2010 024DSC_02130156DSC_02140157


Easter Fun

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Thought that I would catch up a little bit.  I was not really prepared for easter so little Kyla just had a small easter egg hunt in the house.  Her eggs where filled with things I had around the house.  I knew they would be things she loved but it still seemed kind of lame.  I guess I only felt that way because of the way my parents used to do easter for us as kids.  I was telling Brett that it was almost like Christmas morning.  We would come down the stairs in the morning and it looked like our parents redecorated our house.  The entire living room was candy!  Candy on the floor, couches, the piano, on the tops of pictures, tops of door frames, stairs, railing, in plants, anywhere you could think of and there was candy there.  There was no way to not see candy unless your eyes where closed.  We would also get a new swimsuite.  Lucky for me my dad keeps that tradition going for my kids so I don’t have to buy them swimsuites becuase like I said before…I was not prepared this year.  Well anyways Kylas eggs where filled with moneys(thats what she calls money, which I am sure you got…lol), stickers, animal crackers and two smarties.  I didn’t really feel bad about what was in the eggs after I saw her face.



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