It’s Baby Time!!!

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Baby Log:

1130 hours: “Ugh! My back is killing me.  Hunny, will you get me some Tylenol, please?”

1200 hours: “Grandma Margo, will you come over to our house to hang out with Kyla just in case it is baby time?”

1220 hours: “Grandma Margo, how far away from our house are you?  I think it might be time to go to the hospital.” [Cortney yelling to Brett in the background] “Brett, tell her to get here ASAP!  Its time to go NOW!”

1300 hours: “Get that epidural in me!”

1400 hours: [Post epidural] “How are ya feeling now hunny?” [Cortney] “I don’t even feel my contractions anymore.  Ah…this how to have a baby.”

1600 hours: “Let’s watch the UFC fight on the TV hun.  It’s the heavy-weight fight.  It will be fun.”

1800 hours: The fight ends just in time for Cortney to start pushing.  Perfect timing!

1830 hours: The baby is here.  She is beautiful.  Born 8lbs 6oz, 21in.  The birth coulnd’t have gone better.  Minimal discomfort and no complications for Cortney, and the baby is as healthy as can be.  We came to the hospital with three names we liked, but we haven’t been able to decide which is the perfect one.  We are actively working on that little issue.

Here are some pics for you…enjoy.


Proud Daddy,




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I thought I would just get some pictuers out there for everyone to see.  This is Kyla and her new big girl bed.  She is so excited that she can climb in and out of it whenever she wants to.  She also loves hats.  Any kind of hat, the hood on her jackets or real hats…even if they are to small.  Same goes with shoes(i don’t have any pictures).  She will put on the shoes that she had as a baby and try to walk around in them although they only fit her toes.  She loves it anyways.  I tell her that they are going to be shoes for her baby sister and she just simply tells me no they are not.  She doesn’t want to give up he precious shoes.  I know she should not play with plastic bags…especially when she puts them on her head but look how cute she is.  She is very indipendent and likes to do things herself.  So these are all pictuers of her putting the hats on by her self.  It is just so cute!


Our apartment living is so sad.  We don’t have any kind of play area for Kyla to play in.  There is a grassy area outside but it is just grass.  That can only entertain for so long.  Especailly when that is just a big bathroom for all the dogs that live here.  There are a few(and by a few I mean 2) rocks just randomly placed in the grass and cut in half for some reason.  Well these have become her toys.  I have to drive so far away to get to a park for her to play at.  Well its not to far away but with this being downtown Salt Lake it takes a lot longer to get there than it should.  I know I just went on about something that doesn’t really matter but it gets on my nerves.  What I really wanted to say is that she loves to jump off these rocks.  She also plays peek-a-boo with one of them.  For some reason when I put these pictures on my blog they cut parts of them off  so you can’t really see but the one she hides behind is one big rock cut in half…you just can’t see the other half.


We went to the zoo just a little while ago.  It was really nice because the last time I went to this zoo she was not really old enough to know what was going on.  It was nice to have her looking at the animals instead of just looking at the ball that is in with the elephantes.  It was really funny because she would yell to the penguines…YOU COME HERE TO ME! COME HERE PENGUINE! It was pretty funny.  She was really scared to take her picture with things because I had her standing so close to the gate or the window.  She made some funny faces.


We had a suprize birthday party for my little brother.  I didn’t get many pictures of it but I did get some of the crazy things they let the kids do.  It wouldn’t be so crazy but some of the kids are crazy so they about killed themselves.  Enjoy!



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