The Zoo

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While we were in Arizona Brett’s parents found this zoo that is supposed to be like the best zoo ever.  It was a really fun because we were actually really close to all the animals.  The kids really enjoyed feeding the birds.  That was a really fun thing I have never seen at any zoo before.  They had certain times of the day where people can go in and feed and hold the birds.  When the time was over they told us we had about one minuet to get out or the birds would show us what they were just eating…you know bird droppings.  So right then I decided it was time to go.  I didn’t want to see if it was true.


They also had a really cute petting zoo.  They had tons of goats and deer.  The baby goats were so small and so cute.  Kyla just loved them.  They also had a cute petting zoo for turtles.  Kyla was a little afraid at first but got a little better after a while. 


The kids also got to touch stingrays.  Kyla was a little scared of those at first too.  After just a minuet she was about to jump in with them.  It was really cute.


It was really hard for most of the adults to feed the giraffes.  The were almost just out of reach.  Well Brett decided he knew of a way to let Kyla feed them.  I will just let the pictures talk for themselves…




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We had a very fun Christmas.  We had what felt like a million parties to attend.  Kyla had so much fun at all of them.  She loved getting presents and toys at each one.  She had such a great time playing with all of her cousins too.  These are just a few of the pictures from the parties.  Up first was at my Moms(Grandma Margo and Gary) house.  I have way to many pictures to show you so I am only showing you some of them.  Kyla loves the binoculars that she got.  She still doesn’t ever take them off.  She uses them as a camera sometimes and takes pictures of everything.  In the other pictures she is excited because she got some lip gloss.  She just calls it lips.  So its always “Mom put on lips.”  She loves lips!  There where more toys she really loves and never likes to stop playing with but I am not going to blab on and on about all of them.  Thanks Grandma Margo and Grandpa Gary!


Next up is the party at my Dads house (Grandpa Scubba Steve and Grandma Brenda).  We couldn’t bring what they really bought for Kyla because it wouldn’t fit in the car so we brought the next best thing that would still make Kyla happy.  We also brought the wrong gift for me.  It is not surprising that I did that.  We all know I am bad at these things.  In my defense I was working until right when we needed to go to the party.  So it was a mistake made very fast so we could rush to the party.  We made some gingerbread houses.  That was really fun.  Every once in a while when Kyla was decorating she would slip one in her mouth instead of on the house.  She was really sneaky about it.  It was really cute.  I didn’t get a picture of the finished houses(I know I am lame) but look at the Rudolph I made for mine and Kyla’s house.  Cute huh!  Well here are some pics.  Thanks Grandpa Steve and Grandma Brenda!


On Christmas Eve it is a family tradition from my family for Santa to bring us pj’s to wear that night.  I always love getting new pj’s and Kyla seemed to love it as well.  Kyla loved her pj’s so much she has been wearing them every night since then.  Not much else to show or say hear.  It was really late so we just came home, opened the presents and went to bed.  I already knew the pj’s Santa got for me but as you can see we thought we would play up the reactions a bit for Kyla(and the camera).



Trip to AZ

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We went to AZ to have a Christmas with Brett’s family.  We don’t get to see them often and more importantly they don’t get to see Kyla-that is the real reason they always want us to go see them. 🙂  It was great to visit with family that we never get to see and to have Kyla get to know all the family she only hears about and sees in pictures.  She had so much fun with her cousins and even got to spend enough time to not be shy with her aunts and uncles.   We got to have Christmas all over again.  But we were the only ones opening gifts and everyone else watched.  I don’t like being the center of attention like that.  Kyla was a little grumpy that day from lack of a nap from the airplane ride and it was close to her bedtime anyways.  So there are not many pictures of her opening her presants.  Santa brought aprons for all of the kids and their Gramma.  They are so cute!   All the kids love baking with their Gramma.


We had such a great time playing in Arizona.  The weather was so nice!  It was great to get out of the cold weather for a while.  We could accutally go outside and play!  Sometimes it was hard getting Kyla to come inside.  Brett decided he would take her on her first bike ride.  As you can see by the pictures it was nothing fancy.  She just sat on his leg while he went around the driveway.  It was really funny to watch because she just keept bouncing up and down as he peddled.  She did have fun but she doesn’t always make the best faces.  We had a couple of days where we babysat all of the kids, and by all I really mean ALL.  There where 6 kids to watch all under the age of 7,  so we decided to spend all day outside so that we could keep our sanity.  While we were outside they wanted to play in some leaves (because winter is really fall in Az).  It was really cute to watch them all play.  Kyla on the other hand was off in her own world and didn’t play in the leaves like all the other kids.  She wanted to be a little dare devil and go down the slide face first.  We had to put a pillow down because it would have hurt a little much.  It’s not a real small slide.  Eventually all the other kids thought they would join in on Kylas fun way of doing the slide.  It was really funny to watch the kids go face first though.



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