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A few days before Halloween we went to pick out some pumpkins.  Thanks to Kaycee and Tom we got to go pick out some free ones at the McFarland’s farm.  The catch was…they were all rotten.  Ha ha ha!!!  Well it is totally worth it to me.  We are very very grateful.  Thanks guys.  We picked out some small ones for the kids to paint.  The kids all loved that.  They all got pretty messy…well I think Kyla got like one little drop on herself.  The other kids got a little messy.  It was so much fun!  Once the kids where downstairs playing we started on our own pumpkins.  I always do something pretty lame, I am not as fun as all the others.  I thought it was nice though.  Brett decided to attempt to recreate a pumpkin that caught his eye on the internet.


Okay so I had to throw in some of all of the kids because they all gave me very nice poses for the camera.  For example, do you see the face that Alyssa gave me! And for anyone reading who doesn’t know names it goes (from left to right) Kyla, Jayci, Alyssa, Brittin, Corbin and Brundle.  And I realy hope you all know Kyla….or why are you reading my blog???  Anyway, Alyssa is looking at me like,  “hey lady why are you taking a picture of me?”  Corbin would lean more and more to his left everytime I would take a piture.  At first I kept taking pictures of Corbin to get one with him being “normal” but then it just got funny so I kept doing it.  This picture is somewhere in between how bad it got.  Ha Ha Ha!  Well I hope you all enjoy them because I sure did.

We had a really fun Halloween.  I had to work that day…and who knew people wanted massages on Halloween?!?  I thought I was going to be sitting there doing nothing all day long.  Turns out people like massages on Halloween, ha ha.  Brett decided this year that Kyla should be a cute little punk rocker.  It was really fun to put her outfit together, it didn’t look quite right until we got it together complete with the hair.  It was so fun to see her trick-or-treating.  She was able to do it last year but not able to say trick-or-treat and this year she did.  I really wish that we were able to get it on tape but turns out our battery was dead on both of our cameras.  Thanks to Rob we got to take some with his camera.  And yes it looks quite strange but that is her smile now.  It went from, “oh my goodness could she get any cuter” to “what in the world are you doing to that poor girl.”  Ha Ha Ha!  I love her so much!  But we are working on the smile again.  She is usually looking down so I would say to her, “Kyla look up at mommy.”  So she would and then it would turn out that we would get a picture of her looking at the ceiling as you could probably tell from the pictures above.  So I am very happy with the progress so far. 🙂 Ha ha! Oh and I just thought that the middle picture looked like she was rocking out on that guitar.  Its cute!



Due Date

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I know everyone really wants to know when I am due.  So I decided that I would tell you because for some reason I didn’t put it in the last post.  Silly me!  What was I thinking?  So according to the somewhat measurements they got from the ultrasound the date is something like the 24th(of March).  But according to my uterus size and last period it should be more like the 30th(of March).  So go ahead and take your pick.  If you ask me she will wait until April.  I want her to wait till April and my babies always like to stay in just a little longer anyways.  If you don’t believe me just ask Kyla, LOL.  Hope that’s the info so many of you were looking for.


Happy Birthday!

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I just wanted to tell my Mom Happy Birthday!  We love you so much!  Hope you have a good one.  It was yesterday but we had a birthday lunch today.  I thought we would get some pictures but that didn’t really happen.  I do have one of the amazing cake I made for her(ha ha ha… its not really amazing, but it tastes good).   I know its weird but I took a picture of the bag we gave her gift to her in because I thought it was cute.  We love you!!!


Happy Birthday!!!

P.S. I wanted to tell Brittin Happy Birthday too.


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