Baby #2

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This is our cute little baby #2.  We are 99% sure that it is a girl.  The umbillical cord kept getting in the way.  The one time we did get a good shot she actually had her hand in the way.  Ha ha ha!!!  How modest of her.  They had a really hard time with the ultrasound because she thinks she needs to be all pretzled up the entire time.  They actually told us that we might have to go back to get better pictures of the spine because they couldn’t get the whole thing.  Now(as you already know) is the hard part where I have to think of names.  We all know I am not very good at this part.  So just so you all know I will be accepting ideas.  I may not use your idea(or like them for that matter) but its the thought that counts. 😉


Oh How Cute!!!

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I thought I would just share with everyone how cute our little Kyla is.  I really have nothing else to blog about so you get to look at her cute little face and some of the funny things she does.

First thing is that she loves…and I mean LOVES to put on her own clothes.   More than anything she likes to put on her socks and shoes.  She always likes to wear my shoes.  Sometimes she likes her dads shoes but she just cant walk in those very well (I mean they are as big as she is).  Well this one day she decided that putting on her daddy’s socks would be way more fun… and of corse she had to do it by herself.  I know you are probably thinking to yourelf “that is funny but not that funny”.  Well I thought it was extra funny because (well yes, because I am her mother and I think everything she does is so stinkin cute) she put them on the wrong way and the heal part of the sock fit right where her knees are.   Well I will just let you decide if it was as funny as I thought it was.  I know the pictures are not the best because she would not stop walking around for one second to let me take a picture.


Okay I know these pictures don’t have a story but just look how cute she is…..


She absolutaly loves jackets (along with any other clothing item, as you can probably guess by now).  It was raining outside and she wantedto play in the rain since she finally is old enough to know what rain is anyways.  Well she picked out her biggest winter jacket to wear.  I just thought her cheesy smile is cute that is why I am sharing this story…just for the pics.


We went up to my dads cabin over memorial day weekend.  I didn’t take many pictures but I had to show everyone how much she loved to drive the fourwheelers (which she called cars).  She was really scared at first and wouldn’t even go near them.  And after a couple of rides with mom and dad she was ready to drive by herself.  She really loved to ride the fourwheelers.  That is all she asked to do all day long.  She would always hold the handles to drive.  She actually got to the point where she moved her dad’s thumb off the gas to do it herself.  Which I can tell you she is not very good at yet.  The first time we didn’t know what she wanted until it was to late and she had pushed the gas and started flying.  It was pretty funny though.



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