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Okay I know I haven’t updated for a while so please forgive me.  It has also been a really long time so I dont really remember everything.   Brett’s family was in town so we finally took Kyla to the zoo with all of them.  Kyla has never been to the zoo so it was a lot of fun.  Although when we went to see the elephants she kept saying “Ball”.  She wasn’t looking at the elephant she was looking at their toy.  We kept saying to look at the elephante 


We are all having a great summer just being able to hang out with each other with no school.  It has been a ton of fun to go and do things as a family.  We have spent a lot of time at parks, playing in the water down at the mall and with my family.  We go to my moms house a lot to let Kyla see her and to swim in her little kid pools.  I usually forget my camera because I am smart like that so I apologize for not having pictures.  Brett is really excited to go bow hunting.  He has been practicing more than I ever thought possible.  He is really good and I think the “I need to practice” isn’t really working anymore with me.  I know he really just wants to go shooting because it is fun.  Yeah he still needs to practice but….really!  I know you can hit the target right on every time.  In fact he pulled a robin hood the other day and shot one of his arrows right though the other one.  It of course didn’t split down the middle like in robin hood.  It shattered instead!  These special arrows that don’t break very easily unless you hit them just right.  He decided to hit two of them just right and broke two of his arrows that he just bought the other day.  It is pretty fun to watch him shoot though.  We also had a pool party at my dads house with my sister who drove to see us all for the summer all the way from New Jersey.  That has  been really nice to see them.  I am glad that they made the 26 hour road trip. 

 We have found out a way to keep Kyla sitting still and quiet.  It is babies.  She LOVES babies!  Steph and Kaycee both had babies this summer and Kyla just can’t get enough of them.  It is really cute to see her with them.  She will just sit right down beside whoever has the baby and say “hold’em”.  And she will not give up until you let her hold them.


Kyla loves to play in the water.  We often take her outside to the mall and let her play on the splashpad like thing they have there.  It is usually way to crowded with people so we don’t do it too often.  There are so many kids you can’t even move.  So we go there when it isn’t so crowded.  We will usually take her to this other area that has like 5 pillars with water running down them.  She loves to play with those and can do that all day long.  I just thought I would show you all some pictures of what she is doing with her summer.  Although it is not too exciting it is fun for us.



She loves the escalators.  She pulls us to them everytime she gets a chance to.  She could go up and down them all day long. 


This is her playing in the rain.  Brett thinks it is pretty funny when it is raining really hard and the sky is clear.  Not a cloud in sight, bright and sunny and it is raining.  Kyla liked the rain too. 


Okay…we can not get this girl away from our computers.  It is really really frustrating.  She thinks she needs to pull our laptop on her lap… it is not a good idea.  She has almost destroyed it several times.  Well we were at Kaycee’s house a while ago and Alyssa has this cute little laptop so Kyla decided she would play with that.  All day long!  It was a nice thing to keep her quiet(besides all of the little giggles).  Oh, except when Alyssa would get anywere near her and she would screem because she didn’t want her to take it away.  That was fun!


Okay I know I am telling you all a bunch of random things but its your own fault for compaining that I haven’t updated in a while so….

Kyla has this new thing she likes to do with her little stuffed animals.  She will find any blanket or sometimes even towels (when she can’t find a blanket) and wrap them in it.  She is really cute because she always says, “SHHHH its okay, its okay.  I know that seems really weird but she is scared of EVERYTHING so she thinks her toys are too.  We always tell her that its okay so that is what she tells her toys.  This picture I have is one of my favorites.  She picks like one toy a week to absolutely love.  And she will only love that toy for that week and then she will change toys(it is really funny).  So for this particular week she choose this little sheep.  And when I say little… I mean little.  Not like a normal small stuffed animal.  Most of you know the size of her blanket so you can tell for the rest I put a picture of her with it too.  I thought it was funny.  I hope you all do too.



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