The Ducks…

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 As you all probably know we really like to go to the park.  I think I have posted like 12 blogs about the park….oh well.   Well just this last time that we went a lot of the ducks and the geese had little babies.  They were so cute…well most of them.  The older geese where not as cute as the younger ones and definitely not as cute as the little duckies.  Kyla had a lot more fun because she can actually throw bread to the ducks now, and the little baby geese where not as scared so they got really close to us.  The mama goose didn’t really like it as much though.  Kyla got hissed at a lot.



She started eating the bread.  She just sat back and watched the duckies and ate her bread.  It was really cute.


She really loves talking on the phone.  All day long she asks me for my phone.  I must say “Um” a lot when I’m on the phone because that is what she says when she is talking.  She just sits there and says, “Um.”


We can only do so much before her nap time.  She gets really moody really fast.  It goes from beautiful little angel to what the heck just happened.



Happy Fathers Day!

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I wanted to wish my wonderful husband a Happy Fathers Day!  You are the very best husband and father in the world.  Kyla is so lucky to have you as a father.  We love you so very much.  Thank you for being you!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!



Fun things with Kyla…

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It has been a while since I have posted so I am going to play catch up and tell you all the great things you have missed.  It has been hard to post with out a computer and all.  Our laptop broke on us one day.  Brett was just sitting there being ever so nice to the computer, doing his homework when the screen decided to go black!!!  Yeah… it was pretty awesome.  We messed around with it and tried to figure it out and… nothin’.  We decided it would be less expensive to buy a new 0ne.  After messing with it for long enough Brett was able to get all of our pictures, documents and other crap off of the computer without having to take it to some one and pay a bunch of money for.  Anyways… that is not what I really wanted to blog today.  I just like to whine all of the time.  I am good at it.  I need to work on my talents don’t I….LOL.  I know not much of a talent huh.  I’ll take what I can get though. 

One morning Brett decided to let me sleep in -well I can’t really say one morning…we take turns getting up, but one of those mornings- he decided to make Kyla a really nice breakfast of pancakes.  Not the most special breakfast so he thought he would let her dip her pancakes in some applesauce… yeah, that is where the problem was.  She really likes to dip things but we are usually around supervising her.  He was around….physically.  Not so much mentally though.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves…and they don’t even do it justice.

may-2009-5 may-2009-6may-2009-8may-2009-10may-2009-2

Kyla is also doing this hiding herself thing.  It is really cute.  She thinks that when she did something bad or when I am trying to take a picture of her she can just hide and it will all just go away.  It is really cute.  I am not really sure where she picked it up either.

may-2009-37may-2009-35may-2009-32may-2009-44 I also love when she reads her books.  It is so cute.  Like everything else she does.  The fun part is that she doesn’t just look at the books.  She sits there and talks her little gibberish.  She will also point to the animals and say what they are and/or what they say.  I really wish I had video of her saying all of the animals.  I think that her what a frog says is one of my favorite things.  She is quite the talker now too.  She will say anything Brett and I say.  It is really cute.  We are having a lot of fun with it making her say some really funny things.  When she gets hurt or bonks her head she says BONKOS!  It keeps her from crying actually.  One of her little cousins sat on her head and she just said “BONKOS”.  It was really funny.  She is also saying “Oh my gosh!”  I have no idea where that one came from because neither Brett or I say that.  It is really funny though because we will be sitting there while she is playing and she will say it.  At first we didn’t think that was what she really said but it is so clear when she does.


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