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My friend Elise invited me to drive with her to Arizona.  My first thought was that it would be way to many hours in a car with Kyla.  I love her to death but she always needs to be running around.  She honestly cannot sit still for two seconds.  She is out of control!!


Kyla’s first road trip!  She loved to read her books.  And to try and play peek-a-boo with me.  Elise did not want me taking pictures of her so I took one of myself to make it all better.  And that cute little boy is Aiden, Elise’s baby.

easter-20090064 easter-20090061

Well I went anyways because Kyla and I could go seethe Powell family.  They don’t get to see her all that often.  I also had a few friends I wanted to see.  I made sure to call one of my good friends (Brittany) who I haven’t even seen for like two years!!!  I couldn’t even believe it had been that long.  Lucky for me she didn’t mind driving to Arizona.  I feel so special!  We were able to spend a lot of time with Brittany and her sister Fressia.  We got to go swimming in her pool.  Kyla liked the pool but she is not really fearful at all!  She is just a little dare devil.  She would just run around the pool like it was no big deal.  She was always trying to go in and out using the steps… in and out and in and out… and on and on….  Like I said before, she is out of control!  She would jump (well the best she can jump) into my arms from the side of the pool.  She did a really good job kicking her feet while I tried to teach her to swim.  She just wanted me to let her go.  She didn’t want me to hold her; she wanted to do it on her own.  Of coarse she didn’t know that she would sink.  She does not like her face going under the water.   We were also able to go to the Easter pageant at the Mesa temple.  That was really neat.  Before it started we went a little snap happy with the camera.  The people behind us were probably not to happy about it, but we had a blast.


We spent a lot of time outside.  I could not keep her inside no matter how hard I tried.  Brett’s parents have a cute little dog named Zeus.  He is really good with kids.  It took Kyla a while to get used to him.  She was really scared at first because Zeus would chase her around thinking she thought it was fun.  After the couple weeks we were there Kyla would chase him around thinking it was fun and he would run away.  I could almost hear his thoughts…”Help me, save me, get this crazy kid away from me.  I just want some peace and quiet.”  She has also been learning her words really well, and, as we all know, kids pick up on NO first.  Well yes that was one of her words.  Her first phrase was STOP IT!…go figure.  So she would yell at the dog, “NO, NO Zeus STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!  It was pretty funny at the time but now I’m trying to get her to STOP saying STOP IT.  It is still just so funny and we all know I am all about what is funny.

easter-20090263easter-20090130easter-20090108easter-20090097easter-20090087easter-20090156 Gramma showed her her tongue…its too cute!

easter-20090071 We stopped at the dam to feed the kids and to let Kyla run around and get some energy out.  I know the outfit is a little crazy but that’s all I could find in a car packed so tight.


I am trying to work with Kyla so that she will actually smile for the camera.  It seems like the only time she will not smile is when I really want her to so I can get a picture.  I was saying “smile and say cheese,”  and I would point to my teeth.  Well she caught on but now every time I say smile she still points to her teeth… I just can’t win.



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Kyla and I were in Arizona for Easter.  It was a lot of fun, but it was really sad at the same time.  Brett had to stay home for school so he couldn’t be there to see Kyla’s first real Easter egg hunt.  I wanted Brett to be able to see everything.  So as the talented person that I am I worked the camera and the video camera at the same time.  Why I didn’t have anyone help me is beyond me.  I’m kind of smart like that. Ha Ha Ha.  We had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday with Kyla’s cousins, and we did another one on Easter that was just for Kyla.  She had a lot of fun.  She really liked opening the eggs to see what was inside.  It was a challenge at first to get her to pick them up and put them in her basket.  It was also a challenge to get her to smile in a picture.  She still looks cute though.  She really loved to smell all of the beautiful flowers.  It was cute, but she is so quick that it took me a while to get a good picture.

I could never get her to look at me and smile.  So I have about 100 pictures because I just kept taking them so that I didn’t miss a smile… Don’t worry I didn’t miss a smile.  She never smiled!  She barley even looked at me sometimes.



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