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We have been trying to get Kyla to say words for a long time.  She knows a lot of signs.  She does very well with the signs.  I tell her, “Kyla say Mom,” and she just looks at me like I am crazy.  I know she understands most of what I say because I tell her to get one of her toys and she can.  She is very smart.  It was just like a switch that went off in her.  All of the sudden when I told her to say something… she did.  It was so cute! 


I will explain these pictures now.  Like I said before she is pretty smart and knows a lot of what I am telling her.  This may look like I caught her picking her nose right…. Well my little girl wasn’t picking for boogies. She would stick her finger so far up her nose it would make her eyes water.  I think she is just really curious about what is up there.  So like a good mom I would say, “Kyla, don’t pick your nose.”  Well she listened really well…most of the time.  So I thought, Hmmm… I wounder if she knows what “pick your nose” means.  So I said to her, “Kyla, pick your nose.”  Sure enough…she did.  It was so funny I had Brett come into the room and said, “watch this!”  I told Kyla, “pick your nose.”  She did it again! LOL  I was laghing so hard I couldn’t even handle it.  Brett didn’t think it was quite as funny.  I had her do it several times after that.  I kept laughing just as hard.  Brett said, “Okay, that’s enough.  That is disgusting.”  I agreed but said, “Yeah…but how many kids her age will pick their nose when you tell them?  I didn’t even have to show her.”  Well he still didn’t think it was as funny as I did.  I just had to get a picture so that I could tell everyone.  I wish I had a video of it, but she doesn’t let me take video because she likes to watch herself on the LCD screen instead.

3-2009-pick-your-noselol-2163-2009-pick-your-noselol-20  This is just cute. I just wanted a picture of her in this outfit and she was pretty much modeling my hairspray bottle.   It was perfect!


All Grown Up

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To me she is still my little baby.  I still think of her as my little three month old.  There is no way she is already 15 months old.  Our little Kyla is all grown up.  At least that is what she thinks.  Actually she has thought that for a very long time.  She prefers to play with any kid that is at least one year older than her.  She doesn’t play with kids her age.  If she does she just picks on them.  She turns into a great big bully.  She is also the youngest of all of her cousins.  That doesn’t stop her from making all of them cry.  Oh, and the two she picks on most are boys.  None of this was really why I was blogging but it seemed to fit with the title too.  Brett is always doing homework in our bedroom/his office.  Kyla REALLY loves her daddy.  She screams and cries when he goes into our room and closes the door.  She is without a doubt a daddies girl!  She always goes to the door and bangs on it.  Today I was watching her bang on the door and she decided that banging wasn’t going to do anything.  All of the sudden she reached up and opened the door.  I was so shocked!  She is not exactly a tall girl.  She had to get on her tip toes but she got the handle.  I didn’t think I was going to have to worry about her opening doors for quite a while.  Boy was I wrong.

feb-2009-950005-vd-09.JPGfeb-2009-930003-vd-09.JPGfeb-2009-970007-vd-09.JPG This is her….What are you talking about…I’m not doing anything Mom! (And she threw in a cute little wave.  Hi, mom!  You can’t be mad at me, I’m to cute!)

feb-2009-920002-vd-09.JPGfeb-2009-1040014-vd-09.JPGfeb-2009-1050015-vd-09.JPG  Okay… I’m just trying to see my Daddy!  You won’t let me in so I’ll do it myself.

feb-2009-1000010-vd-09.JPGfeb-2009-1020012-vd-09.JPG See!  I told you so!

Unfortunately her daddy is to busy to play with her.  I have to be the big mean mommy and take her away from her daddy.  Mean old mommy!  And believe me it is not easy.


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