Valentine’s Day

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Brett surprised me this year for Valentine’s day.  I knew we were doing dinner and a movie but I didn’t know where dinner would be.  It was kind of nice to have it be a surprise.  Usually he doesn’t surprise me with dinner.  He doesn’t want to go somewhere I won’t eat at.  He took me to The Roof.  It is a great elegant gourmet buffet.  I know that’s like an oxi-moron right…  I didn’t really know what to expect from a buffet that was supposed to be fancy.  It is on the 10th floor of the Joseph Memorial Building.  It was so beautiful.  We were seated right next to the window.  Right next to the temple.  It almost felt like I could reach out and touch it.  The food was good but we had to make sure to save room for the desert.  I think they had more desert than actual food.  Brett loved the shrimp more than dessert.  So I had a plate of desert and he had like 5 plates of shrimp.  He is so funny.  Not liking sweats very much…silly boy.  I also got a beautiful rose after dinner.  We did have some people help us take some of our pictures.  It was actually hard to get them to put our camera down.  The first lady that took our pictures down on the main floor with the Joseph Smith statue kept saying, “Can I take one more…just one more…oh, how about over hear…just one more.”  It was so funny.  She was so cute!  The guy that helped take some on the top floor was like our own personal photographer.  He was taking pictures left and right.  At every angle.  And now we have like 20 of the same pictures.  People sure are nice.  And because they made me laugh from all of the silliness we have some of me laughing at them.



Funny Stuff

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Kyla does weird stuff all of the time.  She is always making me laugh all day long.  The other day I just couldn’t handle how cute it was so I took some pictures and thought I would tell everyone about it.  First of all I was trying to make a cake for my niece’s birthday.  Brett is always at school so I had to do this and try to keep her under control at the same time.  It’s really not that easy with her.  I swear she has ADHD sometimes! LOL. No I love her very much!  Anyways, she did get into some things.  She grabbed my measuring cup that had a little powdered sugar in it.  I don’t really have to tell everyone that she LOVED it and the picture shows it…


She really loves to talk on the phone.  I don’t make her talk to real people though because she doesn’t talk when she talks to real people.  When she is on her play phone she is a little jibber-jabber girl.  She won’t stop talking!  Its not normal baby talk either.  It is like she is speaking a weird foreign language. 

dsc_00030003.JPG dsc_00040004.JPG

I think I showed her once how to feed the baby doll she got for her birthday.  That was on her birthday that I showed her.  It has been a long time and she has never done it until now.  I am thinking maybe she picked it up from one of her cousins.  Anyways I though it was so cute when she did it because I didn’t show her how.  We have so much fun with her and never stop laughing at all the strange things she does.




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Kyla finally got to play in the snow!  This is her first time really seeing-and understanding that she is seeing- and playing in the snow.  She loved it!  She had so much fun.  I picked up some snow to show her that she could make a snowball with it.  She didn’t really know what to do with it at first.  It took me a minuet to get her to touch it.  I finally got her to eat it and that is all she would do from then on.  She was having so much fun until she fell face first into the snow.  Luckily it didn’t phase her to much.  She didn’t even cry. Brett was sure to catch it all on camera and giggle a little while he snapped all the pictures!  The last picture is how Kyla relaxes after a long day of eating (and falling in) snow!  I think it is too cute!



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