Happy Birthday Kyla!

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I know its a little late but better late than never.  Kyla’s birthday was on the 5th.  The morning of her birthday Brett made her a very special birthday breakfast.  She got a pancake teddy bear.  It was so cute!  She didn’t really enjoy its cuteness as much as the yumminess.  She got pretty messy.  She put the entire pancake on her head. 


We threw her a small party with my family.  When we sang Happy Birthday to her she looked at all of us like we where crazy.  At least she really liked her birthday cake.  She was pretty clean when she ate it.  I had to shove her hands into the cake to get her started.  She wasn’t sure if she could eat it or not.  She had so much fun opening her presents.  The wrapping paper was pretty thick so she needed a little help.  She was so excited to see the clothes and toys.  I think more excited than when she got to rip all the pretty paper.  She usually is not supposed to rip any kind of paper.  Usually because its her daddy’s homework.  So that was a lot of fun.  She got some really great toys and some awesome books that she LOVES!  And some really cute clothes that I probably love more than she does. 




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We have been trying to get some books for Kyla…well, we are trying to find some good cheap books for her.  She really likes to look at her books but doesn’t like us to read them to her so much.  She will sit through a short book.  Depending on the day she will sit through one of her normal ones.  She really loves to turn the pages for me, although she really can’t.  She just ends up shutting the book and then she gets mad at me!  So I just let her do it all by herself and she seems to like that.   We keep her books in the bottom part of our bookshelf and we try to keep our books high enough where she can’t get them.  Those books next to her are no longer there.  They are my Massage books.  She kept trying to read my pathology book.  I hope she can be as smart as her daddy.  Anyways this has created what we now call her “Book Nook.”  The pictures will explain what that is…. Oh, and her dad dressed her that day.  It doesn’t look that bad.  HAHAHA.  I love you -B-! And I love that you dress her… no matter if I would dress her in it or not.



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