My little racquetball girl!

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I just want to preface all of this by saying that nothing here was staged.


Apparently Kyla is going to be the next racquetball superstar…unlike her father who is still being creamed by people who have never even picked up a racquet before…I guess practice really does pay off.  Anyway, one evening while I was studying like a good boy I heard this little knock on the door and a Kyla’s tiny voice say, “Father dearest.  Would you teach me all the wonders of this sport they call racquetball?”  How could I resist such a cute little girl?  So I put down my homework and let her in the room.  To my surprise she was all prepared to play right then.  With sweat band on head and racquet strung over her shoulder, it was as if the heavens were shining down upon her…and I swear that I could hear the hosts of Heaven singing “Halleluiah.”  She must be the chosen one and we are the parents who get to put her in the court for the first time.  Here are some pictures of the princess of racquetball, and apparently she is a girl after Daddy’s own heart…she is an Ektelon fan!




Ramdom Stuff.

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I have taken some cute pictures of Kyla doing some silly things and I thought I would share.  She really loves to sit by her big tedy bear.  She lays down on him and plays with some of her toys.  It is way too cute but I can never get very good pictures because when I get anywhere near her she gets up and comes WAY too close to the camera.  This time I got a cute smile.  I had to go really quick.  But it was kinda easy because she was laying down. 


She has this little habit of putting everything on or over her head.  It is cute most of the time because she has a bunch of necklaces she is ALWAYS wearing.  Sometimes its her Dads tie or something so very random that she finds (like one of my bras…).   Well when I was unpacking and repacking things from the holidays, Brett’s Halloween mask (which is a Jason mask) was on the floor.  She put it on her head and walked around.  I thought it was so cute I had to interrupt Brett from his homework to show him what a little weirdo his daughter is.  She thought it was so funny too!


 I had her car seat up in our apartment one time and she thought it was just the funnest thing ever.  She played in it almost all day long.  She even sat in it when she drank her milk.  She will never sit still when she drinks her milk(unless she is really tired).  She thinks she needs to do it all on her own and walk around while trying to drink.  I thought it was cute.

dsc_07500537.JPG dsc_08100593.JPGI just thought this was a cute picture!



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This was Kyla’s first Halloween.  I was so excited to dress her upbut, she is so small that her outfit is a 6-9 month old outfit.  It fit her just fine(still with a little room to grow), but I guess her head must be the right size for her age because the hat didn’t really fit her.  Good thing Cami had a lady bug outfit from when Jayci was little because Kyla used the headband.  Thanks to Kaycee for having great in-laws we were able to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out our own pumpkins(thanx McFarlands).  It was a lot of fun.  We didn’t get to dress up this year because we really didn’t have anywhere to go party!  We usually have a get together with my sisters but this year they all went with their in-laws.  Cami and Rob did invite us to go with them.  We had a really good time.  We got to take Kyla trick-or-treating with her cousins.  She loved standing at the door getting candy.  She didn’t know it was candy but that might be a good thing seeing as how she won’t be getting any.  We did like to use her cute little face to get us some candy though, hahaha.  She had so much fun.  She loves to walk around holding her little trick-or-treat bag(thank you Gramma Powell).  I think she is going to be very girly.  She carries it like a purse.  Well… most of the time.  She throws it over her shoulder or around her neck other times.  I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Jack.  He died in 87′ just after I was born.  We always take a carved pumpkin to his grave but didn’t get to it this year 🙁  We will make up for it next year. 



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