The Park

| September 14th, 2008 | → 2 Comments |

We wanted to take Kyla to this park that we like to go to.  We thought now that she is older she might actually enjoy it too.  We decided that we could once it was warm.  That took so long this summer and then we were gone for most of it.  We finally went the other day.  We were not as prepared as we wanted to be.  We wanted to have some bread to feed the ducks so they could get really close to Kyla.  We forgot the bread.  We wanted to get shoes for Kyla so she could stand with the ducks.  We forgot the shoes.  Although she won’t really wear shoes even if I put them on her.  She just kicks them off or steps on them like I just put something foreign on her feet.  She doesn’t really like when I do that to her.  Well the park has so many ducks, geese, seagulls and pigeons.  Anywhere you step there is some little, nasty present that nobody ever really wants to have on their shoes.  So needless to say Kyla will stay in her stroller for now until I get her some shoes and we go back.  We had lots of fun. Kyla got pretty excited about the ducks. She didn’t really know what to do most of the time.  She just sat their with this confused look on her face.  Brett took her and chased some with the stroller.  We thought she might like that but I think Brett liked it more. 



So Scared

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Kyla had her first really scary fall. She really likes to just walk around all by herself.  She will crawl over to something and pull herself up and just walk away to the middle of the room. Usually it is okay because she gets to the middle of the room and can catch herself when she falls to the floor.  Well this time she just didn’t pull herself up right. She fell into our entertainment center.  I didn’t really think much about it because she falls a lot and of course cries when nothing is really wrong-just a little scare or pain that goes away right when I pick her up.  Well this time I picked her up and blood was running down her face.  It scared me so bad that before I even looked at what was wrong I went running to give her to Brett.  He had no idea what had just happened because he was doing homework in our room.  I think I scared him a little too.  He was very calm.  Looked at it and said, it’s okay just go get something to wipe the blood.  Oh…yeah… like I am just supposed to calm right down when my child’s face is covered in blood!  I went and got something wiped her face and saw that it wasn’t really that bad.  We gave her some ice to suck on to keep her from getting a fat lip.  It did end up kind of pushing one of her teeth a little more through.  They were coming in at the same time.  It looked like the other tooth before the fall.



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