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Just for starters, the blog has some strange formatting that I have tried to fix so many times.  Just bare with it…

With all of our summer fun it has been hard to blog. I haven’t had a lot of time at home. This might be a long one…sorry.  We started out at my Mom’s house. We had a barbeque and swam in her pool. It was so much fun. Mom always knows how to keep the kids happy too with all of her toys. Oh, and Brett likes to pick on little Alyssa as you will see in the picture I took of him splashing her.

     For the 4th of July weekend we went to my Dad’s cabin up in Island Park, Idaho. We had a lovely drive. What should have been a 41/2 hour drive turned into 9 very long hours. I took down some directions from people on how to get there but apparently they talked to fast and I am just not a good listener, plus I didn’t really right it down very well. Our map-quest didn’t tell us when we needed to turn off of one freeway and onto another one. We had gone about 120 miles the wrong way (and that was one way). Once we got there we had so much fun spending time with the family. Although we didn’t have the best weather and couldn’t really wake-board we found other things to do.  Brett got everyone to go crawdad fishing. I don’t think they realized that he was fishing for them to eat them.  Everyone had so much fun watching him eat. They could not believe how crazy he was eating the entire crawdad, shell, eyes, guts, legs. It was so disgusting. Brett went fishing a couple of times with Tom (our brother-in-law). He came back one day and told me, “I have a surprise for you.” I was thinking, “I don’t want to see your stinky fish.”  He made me close my eyes and he brought in a vase (well the best that he had up there which was an empty fruit drink bottle) full of a beautiful flower arrangement. When he was fishing, he saw a flower and picked it for me. He is the best husband I could ever ask for. Kyla had her very first ride on a 4-wheeler in a 4th of July parade. She was so cute! I didn’t get very good pictures especially because I couldn’t hold my camera and a baby and drive a 4-wheeler that needed shifting and take pictures of my cute little girl all at the same time. I know you are all thinking that I should be able to do that because…Be prepared for what I am going to tell you… I am unfortunately not that good. I know… shocking!                                                       Just a little something to explain the picture I put in the blog of the enter sign at Jack in the Box. I just could not stop laughing my little head off. The enter sign was pointing the direction of an exit sign. Ha ha…! I still can’t stop laughing. Silly Idaho                       

Like three days after we got home from my dad’s cabin we went straight to Arizona. We went to spend the rest of the summer with Brett’s family. We thought Brett would be getting a lot of good work down there. That didn’t really happen like we had planned, but we did get some work though. And yes I said WE! I got to work with him. We were in a huge warehouse with no air conditioning, in a place that is easily 115 on a regular day. On the up side of things Kyla loved spending time with the family and Brett and I made some good money to put into savings. Kyla started doing a ton of new things for the family to enjoy. She got to eat a bunch of yummy fruit that her Gramma Powell bought. I caught a really cute face of her eating some very cold cantaloupe. Chandy, Mike, Brett and I went to Sedona for a day. We went to slide rock. It was really fun but I thought the water was really cold. It was a lot of fun to see people try to walk on the slippery rocks and fall down. I know it sounds mean but if you were there you would laugh too. Especially because I got pretty darn close myself.                               

For those of you who don’t know, Kyla doesn’t really laugh all that much.  Whenever she does laugh she makes all the normal physical actions with cute smiles and getting all squirrelly and stuff but she never actually makes the laughing sound.  She started really laughing…I mean really laughing. She had always done like a small giggle, but when she saw her little cousin Lauryn she really laughed. Lauryn was so great with Kyla. Kyla started scooting right when we got to Arizona. Soon after (like a week after) she was crawling. She started pulling herself up on things and standing. She loves to stand up. She will not do anything else. She is now taking about three steps. It is so much fun to watch her grow up. She has 6 teeth. That number is changing very quickly. Her front two teeth are just breaking through. She is going to have 8 teeth! It is so crazy! I put some pictures of her what I like to call “Vampire teeth”. It is so cute!                           

Brett just got done with his first week of school. I am so excited for him. I know he will do so well. For anyone who doesn’t know, or forgot, he is getting a double masters in Public health and Healthcare Administration. It is going to be a tough three years but it will be so great for him…and us. Kyla and I love him so much and are so proud of him. Oh and our cute little Kyla loves her daddy so much that she thinks she need to say dad or daddy ALL of the time. I am not jealous or anything. It is really cute because when he comes home from school she will look at him coming in the door and say, with a smile, “Daddy!” I always new she would be a daddy’s girl…                                                                                                           2008-7-1100110.JPG2008-7-1290129.JPG2008-7-2380238.JPG2008-7-2420242.JPG2008-7-2630263.JPG2008-7-2310231.JPG2008-7-2750275.JPG2008-7-2060206.JPG2008-7-3440344.JPG2008-7-1780178.JPG2008-7-1040104.JPG2008-7-0350035.JPG2008-7-0300030.JPGdsc_00060006.JPG0210021.JPGdsc_00080001.JPG2008-7-2180218.JPG2008-7-0140014.JPG2008-7-2980298.JPG2008-7-3060306.JPGdsc_02260211.JPGdsc_01670051.JPGdsc_01240109.JPG


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