More Pictures…

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So, I put up some pictures yesterday then took a few more today.  They are so cute that I can’t keep them just for myself. I need to share them with the world.



Picture time!

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I thought you all would like to see some pictures of Kyla and her cute little teeth! The bath time photos are really funny. She likes to splash the water. She is way too cute!



“Hello…what’s doin’ what’s happenin'”

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Forgive me about the obnoxcious title, but that comes from my all time favorite TV series…those of you who know me best will know that the series is Frasier.  A masterpiece that should be in every household across America.  It can do nothing but enrich your life and give you a brighter outlook on life. 

 Sorry ’bout that run on too…just blabbing.  So I wanted to give everyone the “low down.”  Today I am trying to get a little soul power and that is why I said “low down.”  Cortney and I have been looking for a new apartment for a while now without much luck.  We are trying to save as much money as possible since we know that I won’t be working the entire first semester of grad school at the very least.  We are caught in a pretty gruesome “catch 22.”  We could live in the ghetto (where we wouldn’t feel very comfortable living), move about 30 miles north of the school, or just suck it up take more money out in school loans so we can live in a decent home relatively close to the school.  We have looked at so many places without much luck.  We are really itching for something to come along soon.  Oh…by the way…for anyone who didn’t know, I was accepted into the Master of Public Health graduate program at the University of Utah.  The program starts at the end of August and we could be more excited.  We bought an old car for me to go back and forth to school with, but I wouldn’t trust it to carry me more than a few miles each day, so living near the school is the most reasonable (however the most expensive) option. 

Cortney is the best mother in the world.  I love how wonderful she is to Kyla.  Whether Kyla is the crying, whining, sick, or just being the happiest baby in the world, Cort is always so good to her. 

Lately, Cortney and I have been a little concerned with some medical problems that I have been having.  I have been feeling some strange heart beats.  Since I was about 16, I have ocassionally felt some irergular beats, but there wasn’t much to worry about according to the doctors at that time.  I has recently become more frequent and feels a little more serious.  I wore a heart monitor for a month and recorded some pretty strange sounding heart beats.  I could have sworn that sometimes the heart beats sounded like wild jungle animals or something of that sort.  My doctor should have some results for us within the next few days…hopefully.

The summer months are upon us here but we really aren’t aware of them at all.  It has been so cold in Salt Lake that I think we went straight from winter right back into fall.  There was even some snow about a week ago in some areas around the valley.  Who woulda thunk?  However, we are anxiously awaiting a vaction we have planned to Arizona this summer.  The entire family will be together and some of us are planning a trip down to the Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon.  Mike and I hiked there a few years back and have been trying to plan another trip down there for a few years now.  It should be loads of fun.  We are so excited to go home for a few weeks!  We can’t wait for everyone to get to know Kyla a little bit more. 

Pictures of Kyla will be coming soon!



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