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Brett and I decided to try and go on a hike every saturday. It would help us get back in shape (well it will help me). It would give us a chance to be together and see some of the beautiful places in Utah. Occasionally it would even give us some time alone… without Kyla. We love her but we love some time alone. No one knows it because right when I get back I go right to Kyla and hug and kiss her like I havent seen her for 5 days. So my fabulous sister called us and invited us to go on a hike they found at Antelope Island. We were so happy that my mom was able to babysit for us. Taking Kyla was just not an option on this hike. We were all so excited when we got there. Then Rob told us where we where hiking to. He pointed to the peak that we where headed for. I don’t know about everyone else but I think I peed my pants a little. We hiked 4 miles each way and climbed 1750 feet in elevation. It was a great hike that really worked us…well, most of us. I think Brett could have just ran up the whole thing. He didn’t seem tired at all. We kind of felt like we where holding him back. He got to take some pictures though and that made him happy. I am going to stop blabbing now and show you some pictures.


 Wait wait wait…now it’s my turn to talk.  This is Brett, and for those of you who don’t know, I sure do like to talk.  That hike was a blast.  I really think the place should be called Buffalo Island because we saw so many more buffalo than we did antelope but that would just be too practical.  Anyway, being on that island I totally felt like a little school boy after pulling off the plastic-like top layer of old nacho cheese for the first time.  In Arizona I was very sheltered and never got to see cool animals like buffalo and antelope.  We have booring things there like cyotes, gila monsters, horny toads, etc.  Ha ha ha…just joking…I love the AZ wildlife, but, being on that island, I saw my first wild buffalo and my first antelope.  I felt as if I must have been roaming around the savannahs in Africa seeing such WILD looking wildlife.  Driving to the parking area on the island I saw my first group of buffalo and mentioned to Rob (my brother in law) how I would love to hop out of the truck right then, run up to the crowd of buffalo screaming “booga booga booga” at the top of my lungs, and chase them around.  He looked at me kinda like I was an idiot, which isn’t all together an uncommon look I get from people, but I inquired as to why he was looking at me like that.  He told me that buffalo are agressive and they would eat me if I did that.  I felt slightly sheepish, or buffalo-ish, or whatever.  Well, the hike was great fun and beautiful, of course.  I did get to practice my new hobby of photography by taking pictures of some beautiful flowers.  I know Cortney will cringe when she reads that I like to take pictures of flowers because when she hears that she feels that I am a little less manly.  But hey, even a manly man can appreciate a nice looking flower once in a while.  My mommy always told me that no matter what anyone says, I will always be manly…thanks Mommy!  Probably the best part of the day was when we got to see the dumb camera phone guy.  By the time we saw this guy, of course I already knew that buffalo were dangerous and so I automatically took the position that anybody who didn’t know that little bit of “common sense” was basically brainless.  This dude walked up to this croud of buffalo that were just grazing, getting a good munch on some tasty wild grass.  Funny thing is that he kept getting closer and closer regardless of the fearless, and ultimately challenging, looks that these buffalo were shooting in his direction.  I mean come on, when a gigantic wild cow-like creature that has a frizzy black afro and sharp horns looks at you with a look as if to say, “hey buddy, you take one step closer and we will play a little pin the tail on the dumb guy but instead of a pin I will use my pointy horns,” you would think a person of at least sub par intelligence would get the hint.  Well, not this guy.  I know we were all anxious for that guy to get away from them but also, deep deep down I know we were all aching to see one of those crasy “X-Factor” moments like the ones where the moose pulls some kung fu moves on the unsuspecting bystanders.  Well, both good and dissapointing, the man walked away without any crazy scene. 

The whole day was quite an adventure, even when Cortney and I got home to see our tomatoe red faces.  Yeah, we were the idiots who didn’t use sunscreen and we are still paying for it.  Right about now we get chased out of every public place we go because we are mistaken for diseased lepers.  Thankfully, the worst is over and now our faces are just falling off. 

I will shut up now and let you all get to the pictures…wihch I’m sure is the main reason why you visited us today…Brett


Kyla’s Big News

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I just thought I would write and tell everyone our big exciting news. A little while ago we noticed that Kyla was rolling up onto her side. She couldn’t quite get all the way over. She would roll up onto her side and fall onto her back. We guessed that she would get it within a week. We were right (well you all know we are just that good at, you know, everything)! On Wednesday the 2nd day of April 2008 Kyla rolled over! Yeah! Well at least that is what I thought. My wonderful sister Cami warned me that it is not as great as you think. She told me that when Corbin rolled over he would cry until she rolled him back onto his back. Then he would just do it all over again. Well of course she is right. Kyla is really good at rolling over now. She is happy for a minute then she whines until I roll her back over. Right when I walk away she is right back on her stomach. I was just getting used to being able to, you know, eat something without her screaming for me to be her personal clown and entertain her all day long. What was really sad was that Brett was very angry because he knew he would be missing a lot of things that she will do. So when I saw Kyla starting to roll I grabbed the video camera and caught her first roll over on camera. Yay me! 


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