Our Easter!

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Our Easter was slow at first but picked up when we went to my Dads house for a little Easter party. Kyla got a beautiful Easter dress from her Gramma Powell. She wore it to church and to the Easter party to show it off. It was very nerve wracking. She was spitting up a little bit throughout the day and we wanted the family to be able to see a clean dress. We managed to keep it clean somehow. We got some really cute pictures of her but it was still hard to get her to smile with the camera in her face… So it is tradition in my family to get an Easter swimming suite and, of corse, I wasn’t going to buy her one yet. It is a good thing I didn’t because she got a very cute one from her Grandma Brenda and Scuba Steve(I am not really sure why we call him that). They told us it matches the ones they bought for all of their grand-girls. They are going to be so cute this summer swimming in matching suites. Everyone ate a great Easter dinner and went right outside to play some baseball(that might be Brett’s doing…he just can’t sit still). After playing some ball all the kids went and colored eggs. That was very fun and kinda messy. We all went inside and had a “freeze”(at least I think that is what they called it).  They made it with some sherbet ice cream. After the freeze, most of the adults went to go hide Easter eggs for the kids Easter egg hunt. I say most because I didn’t know what I was in for and my dad said, “Oh… why don’t you go help hide eggs and I will feed and hold Kyla.” So I am like, “Awesome!!! A little break from the baby and a bunch of Easter fun!” But little did I know he was tricking me. I of course invited(or made, whichever you wish to see it as) Brett to come and hide eggs with me. We walked outside and said, “where are the eggs that we need to hide?” Brenda then came around the corner with two huge Rubbermaid buckets full of eggs. They had probably about 700 eggs. We were a little shocked and said, “WOW… thats a lot of eggs.” They said, “Oh… this is nothing compared to what we usually do.” I think they are crazy. But it turned out to be really fun for all the kids so I suppose it was worth it. We were able to hide eggs in the front and back yards of both their house and the neighbors house(which is their Grandparents’ house). You would think we would have enough places to hide eggs. There were just so many eggs that we had to start putting them in very obvious places. I just put some of the eggs right in the middle of the grass in all of the yards. The funny thing is that all of the kids missed all of the obvious ones…silly kids. Brett and I thought it would be great to put them where they could not reach, just in sight but just out of reach(mostly Brett because he is tall and I still could not reach most of the places). Oh and Brett thought it would be pretty funny since there was a cow field to go get a nice cow pie and hide an egg in that(there is a picture of that, and its pretty disgusting). We had a great Easter and hope everyone did the same. I hope you all like the pictures we have.


Here’s what’s new and some pictures for you too

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I thought that everyone could use an update on what has happened since our last post. I know I am not very good at blogging, and I am going to try harder. Well, I am still trying to get my massage licence. Utah does not make it very easy, and they don’t really tell me everything I need to do. I keep finding something new each week, and it is very frustrating. Brett is doing very well at work.  He has won several awards for customer service. He is very close to finishing his online math class and has just taken and done excellent on his mid-term. Kyla is cuter than ever! She is now 3 1/2 months old weighing in at 12 lbs! She is pretty much over her little sickness and is all smiles except when I pull out the camera. She just stares at the camera and I cannot get her to smile unless I hide the camera then wait until she smiles and then try to pull it up and catch it. They would always turn out blurry and I could never even catch the smile. We have been wanting a new camera for a really long time now, and we finally got it yesterday! We are just learning how to use it to take the best pictures that we can. So here are some pictures that we took and actually got some little smiles. Oh… I also threw in some from when we went to the mall and played a little bit of dress up with some hats. She was sick and didn’t want to smile that day.




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